Important Information

Our standard rental agreement is month to month.  Discounts are available for pre-paid long term rental periods, and active military. Contact the office for details.

 Rent payments are always due on the 1st day of the month, and are late any day after. We do realize you are out living your life and allow a grace period before we charge the initial $15.00 late fee. To avoid the late fee your rent must be RECEIVED in our office by the end of the business day on the 10th of the month. We can not finance rent, any accounts that are still past due on the 27th of the month will be charged a secondary late fee of $10.00. Contact our office for more information on our late fee policy.

If it's worth storing, it's worth protecting! Tenants need to provide their own insurance. If you do not have insurance, please contact our insurance provider Deans & Homer Insurance or call 1-800-847-9999 for a quote. Canterbury Storage does not provide insurance on items stored on the property.

We require a *refundable deposit on all unit rentals.

The deposit for units up to 10x18 is $50.
The larger units 10x20 and up require a $100 *refundable deposit.

*This deposit is refundable if the terms of our agreement are met. An important and often overlooked policy is providing MOVE OUT NOTICE to the office by the 15th of the month you wish to terminate your rental agreement. You can provide notice by selecting the link above, calling the office during business hours or mailing notice in with your rental payment. For your deposit to be returned to you this is a critical step. The deposit can not be used towards rent and we do not prorate out unless previously considered.

When vacating the unit you must take everything you brought with you; we do not have a dumpster on site.  Units found with items or trash left inside or on the property will be charged cleaning fees in addition to forfeiting the deposit. Once you are finished please remove your lock and sweep out the unit (we have brooms by the office door to use, please return them when you are finished). To not only speed up the refund process but to prevent anyone else from disposing of their unwanted items into your empty unit, please take a minute and notify the office you are out and the unit is open. You can call the office (952) 445-7149 - please leave a voice-mail message after hours.


Unit Rates

Unit Size Monthly Rate
4x10 $60.00
5x10 $62.00
5x14 $70.00
10x6 $75.00
10x8 $84.00
10x10 $92.00
10x12 $111.00
10X14 $115.00
10x16 $120.00
 10x18 $130.00
 10x20 $135.00
10x24 $160.00
 10x26 $165.00
10x30 $182.00
10X40 $215.00
10x50 $300.00

We offer long term discounts. Contact the office for details.

Please note rates are subject to change based on availability.